When the person you love they try to leave you,It's true


You know that it hurts when you decide to leave someone, not because you don't love them anymore, because it hurts more to ask them to stay with you, when they want to leave you




when someone only sees you as someone to help them navigate life and has no intention of connecting their life with you, they only do what they need, they don't do it for love to you, it's not love, it's a option

So do you love them, then they also leave you, you don't love them, they also leave you,too

 between that line will you choose to suffer or be lonely?
When in your love the person you love makes you strong means you don't need such a man anymore

your care is no longer important to them, don't let them disrespect you again and again, keep your love for them in your heart, and let them be free of what they have, life goes on without their companion in your life....